Hi, my name is Alessandro :)
it's difficult to summarize myself in such few words, but I'll try.

I like writing (whenever I have time to do that) about my life and interactions I have with my surroundings. I love backpacking to places where I can feel again connected with nature, and I recently started doing birdwatching.
Also, I often spend all my day listening to music, I have a lot of instruments which I've not yet to learn how to play, but still I love experimenting with them.

I've completed my bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering (Politecnico di Milano) and now I'm studying for a double degree master's in Human-Computer Interaction and UX/UI Design. I am now in my entry year at Aalto University in Finland, and next year I will be studying at KTH in Stockholm, which means that I will have to survive the dark and cold Scandinavian nights of winter :).

To get to know me better, check my social media. Or just text me, I would appreciate it better :)
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